After you are 1/0 you still need to dodge E but it’s easier for you. Illaoi Counter. Fiora's Riposte can be used to prevent becoming a Vessel if used before the Spirit is killed or while leaving the tether's range. How to counter Illaoi as Kled. Do not stand inside the minion wave though as Illaoi can use her Q to push the wave and poke you at the same time if you stand in it. 1,091. You can do the same and watch how and when Illaoi uses her Q and E. Most Illaoi players aren't OTPs like us in this subreddit and will be quite predictable. Report. Vayne also works wonderfully against Illaoi. ... Illaoi and the Vessels she creates spawn Tentacles on nearby impassible terrain. CounterStats: Counter Picking Statistics for League of … CounterStats: Counter Picking Statistics for League of Legends. Top. A statistical breakdown of the Illaoi vs Darius matchup in the Top Lane. Click the Tips button to view more or to submit a tip! Counters include who Illaoi Top is Strong or Weak Against. Unless you sick at positioning she can never touch you because of your shield. It also increases the attack speed of the tentacles and reduces the CD of her W by half. Counters include who Sion Top is Strong or Weak Against. I think the ideal situation from an Illaoi's perspective is if her enemy is literally standing on their spirit as she can now Q both of you at the same time and all her other tentacles will hit both of you. Always be prepared to sidestep when she's following you or turning towards you; you can expect her to use her E, and you must anticipate that and immediately walk perpendicular. Click the Tips button to … No tips found. It can go both ways. Dodging her E (the "grab") is a lot easier if you stand behind minions. Champions who can harass Illaoi … CounterStats: Counter Picking Statistics for League of Legends. If you look at the numbers (e.g. But you take less damage being slapped by it than directly. If you look at the numbers (e.g. 16 comments. No tips found. League of Legends Beschwörer Ranglisten, Statistiken, Fähigkeiten, Item-Builds, Champion Stats. I always stomp my lane but I cant carry Teamfights. Zac Win Ratio 58.50% Counter Rumble Win Ratio 57.14% Counter Sylas Win Ratio 56.21% Counter The cast time on her grab is pretty long too so you can see it coming. Shen. When I pick a fighter, it's only Irelia, well, until now. Ranged Match ups counter Illaoi just because they are f*cking ranged , come on ! I dodge as many of her skillshots but if she is able to land her Q twice, I’m at half health. Laning Against. If she uses it, you will see tentacles spawn and what you should do is immediately run away (the hitboxes will show again). Close. If she lands her E you simply have to get out of range, otherwise she outdamages you. How to counter Braum as Illaoi. How to counter illaoi? Click the Tips button to view more or to submit a tip! CounterStats: Counter Picking Statistics for League of … 0 Comments. Do your best to disengage if you can when she casts her Ult. were all ez work. Be the first to share what you think! 14 Comments. No tips found. Tentacles deal physical damage to enemies hit, and will heal Illaoi if they damage a champion. Beliebtheit, Winrate, die besten Items und Spells. When pushed up, you are normally vulnerable to jungle attention. Aatrox , Darius and Irelia. hide. 6. See which champion is the better pick with our Camille vs Illaoi matchup statistics. Not true. 535. I feel hopeless against this champion. See which champion is the better pick with our Olaf vs Illaoi matchup statistics. 1,062. 3) Ir you CC her, she became useless. It's just normal that you have problems against her. League of Legends Beschwörer Ranglisten, Statistiken, Fähigkeiten, Item-Builds, Champion Stats. As the prophet of the Great Kraken, she uses a huge, golden idol to rip her foes’ spirits from their bodies and shatter their perception of reality. Illaoi Counter. It's like dodging Thresh or Blitz hooks. The Spirit is immune to stasis (i.e. Illaoi misses E you chunk first trade. I'm not that high elo, but not … she's literally the weakest champ in the game if she misses her E. You want to give her a bad time learn malz top. Tips. I've found that at least in my low elo (mid silver) while she stomps me early game, she usually becomes irrelevant in the late game. The fact none of them use their brain and think "what does illaoi do that makes her strong" is the reason her winrate seems so good against a lot of meta top champions. 0 Comments. Just a quick question. Be the first to submit a counter tip! Archived. Click the Tips button to view more or to submit a tip! Bard's Tempered Fate). 36,133. General. 1,107. Zed. Illaoi’s R can have a huge impact on team fights. 0 Comments. Countering Illaoi - Laning Phase. Janna. (the rest of the advice is good). Good Illaoi players will look at how you move and dodge and will adapt to that. Test of Spirit E is essential when it comes to trading. It doesn't damage you; all it does is transfer damage from the spirit into you. Language. 0 Comments. Once the Spirit vanishes, whether defeated or not, Illaoi will get 1 creep score in-game (not included in the post-game counter). Submit a Counter Tip. Tips. best. 4) Dont let her push into you. Don't face check bushes she might be waiting inside, getting caught at close range will result in heavy damage over a short period of time. General. So, even if you do not win your lane, it's not that big a deal. Be the first to submit a counter tip! Kha'Zix. So what you can do is fake going for a last hit, then walk back a bit, let her whiff the E, then use your Renekton E through that minion, get on top of her and chunk her. 1,028 . Check out Mordekaiser’s best & worst matchups; Win Rate, GD@15 and more! As an Illaoi player I give you some advices. how would you conider toplane vayne against illaoi? Opponents with crowd control abilities (stuns, reversals, disables) are also good counters—for example, Heimerdinger, Fiora, and Renekton. Statistics include Illaoi's Win Rate, Play Rate and Ban Rate. Watch RTOs videos against illaoi. A statistical breakdown of the Mordekaiser vs Illaoi matchup in the Top Lane. So my advice would be: do let her push into you. If that helps at all. No tips found. 12,668. 1,107. Illaoi smashes her idol into the ground, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies. Illaoi’s powerful physique is dwarfed only by her indomitable faith. In addition to this, do not fight in tight areas as it will allow her R and tentacles to run havoc.. One of Illaoi’s strengths is that she is difficult to kill once she lands several tentacle slams because of the damage it deals and the sustain it provides. Be the first to submit a counter tip! Language. Top. A score is determined for each summoner/champion/role. Kayle. Literally any duelist will automatically out scale her. If you do land E they just run away and wait it out. No tips found. report. She's not that great of a duelist before 6, so champions like Pantheon and Aatrox should do pretty well vs her. Illaoi counters. Once she pops ultimate, you'll have to disengage because it's very hard to kill her during that phase, Grevious wounds are a must as the game goes on because she relies on healing. Her passive spawns way too many tentacles and if i clear a whole bunch out they just spawn back immediately. 4,162. When you dodge E, engage on her and take a quick renekton trade. How to counter Camille as Riven. 690. Be the first to submit a counter tip! Tips. Sort by role, rank, region. No tips found. Only people who main her will ever show up on OP.GG or as she is a rather fickle champion in high elo to play as most high ELO players know how to dodge slow skillshots like her E so she is rarely played into high elo on a non-main.

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