SWGOH Raid Guide: Building Heroic Raid Capable Teams. Rex, DK, Boba are good L if need, DT / Cleansers are great additions if need. One of the biggest mistakes new players make is saving their crystals or spending their money purchasing Chromium … Is it simply to spread plague and ignore protection? They just aren't that good. Take him down, and when he is dead, move out into the dark hallway to Wampa Valley. Wampa Variations (can beat in 1v5), can add anti-rebel to assist, but strong wampa can beat even medium-high phoenix in 1v5. Grandivory's mods optimizer will allow you to equip the optimum mod set on every character you have in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes™. Home; Random; Nearby; Log in; Settings; Donate; About Wikipedia; Disclaimers Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Events. As a refresher, Galactic Legend events are basically a type of event designed to extract as much money as possible from players. 19 votes, 53 comments. Just looking for a good bunch of girls and guys to chat swgoh with?Come swing by my server or message me directly on discord. Power 34605; Speed 147; Health 33,296 mikayas#0127 Mikayas’ Modding Mayhem https://discord.gg/cwThzhT RancorRider 2 min read. The final stat increase is a 13.5% boost to Physical Accuracy. If a stun misses someone and Rex can get Tenacity Up, it's pretty much game over. For PvE, the answer is a little different, but it's based on where you are in the game. Like most free-to-play games, SWGOH is riddled with promotional packs, which cost crystals to purchase. Will 7* mine soon, already geared and zeta'd. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SW:GoH) is a mobile game by Electronic Arts released on November 24, 2015. The wampa is really amazing there. Wampa is amazing in … Thrawn dual tanks are just too much of a wall, especially when wampa is fractured. MODS: MAXIMUM POTENCY!!! Even the variant with raid Han. You're gonna need Sabine for a good non jtr p2 score in most teams. No one post the score if it is less than 4%. 1) The mods we're looking for First off: are mods really necessary to play the game at a high level? You can switch your STAR WARS™: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH) account from iOS to Android using our tool. A guild is only as strong as their weakest players. Normal View. Daze and high damage. In P2, we require everyone to get 2% which is around 1.1M. Any other charac, it’s an easy ein And for the record, no god mods what so ever.. Which then takes the guild longer to … Obviously, pay-to-play players are going to have better team constructs than free-to-play players. What did you do in SWGOH this week? speed div by .8 (assuming 4 debuffs) Determine speed threshold. By Zalandas Gosular GNP: Talk about the Rex wampa team? Wampa receives a 2,706 Physical Damage increase and a 17.96% Physical Critical Chance increase, both very useful for an attacker. Yes. Subs: Captain Han Solo, Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben), General Kenobi, Grand Admiral Thrawn Specific Strategy: Must match Gear and Relics for this to work. Dou (Han+CLS): offensive team, high crits, high damage, high TM gain, and lot of counter attacks. The zeta order assumes you will be running Shaak Ti lead. It will fetch your mods and characters, and find the best set to equip for each character in a list you provide. The Guardians later acted as a resistance group1 of monks active in the Jedha City on Jedha during the Imperial Era. In addition he sees an 11.31% Armor increase and an 8.01% Resistance boost. I'm not super serious about it--as i could probably place higher if used all 5 arena attacks every day, but just this setup puts me in top 50 on a daily basis (i'm casual). A side quest of sorts is Wampa Valley. Could use some PvP counseling? Viewing the 99th percentile of occurances. Both of them are decent for LS TB, though ROLO isn't as useful. Wrangler SWGOH Xaereth ... shak clones v Gg; palp/Basti v Jango/nest where I don’t check nest speed (gulp); Basti lead Jedi/wampa v carth; Drevan (no Basti) v Kru; cls rofl stomping some bugs; a virgin voyage of nego v Holdo #SWGOH #DeathStarPortDesigners #Chewbakwa #MikayasMods #OneTakeOnly Need mod help? Buy this account, click below: For JTR, you may get 3% or more easily. Rebels (CLS) Strategy. SWGOH F2P Character Farming Guide ... With that said there are some really good characters you can get from the guild shop. If you’re running the old Zeta Darth Vader lead, one of Wampa’s few and early synergies, he can help out zVader with his Damage Over Time debuff on basic. Le Wampa était un animal qui vivait sur la planète Hoth. Despite their size, their white fur allows them to blend into the icy terrain and remain stealthy. C'était un monstre carnivore, recouvert d'une épaisse fourrure blanche et doté d'une impressionnante constitution. SWGOH General Grievous Counters Based on 35,793 GAC Battles analyzed this season. No one post the score if it is less than 4%. Vader, Veers, Starck, Imp Troopers, 3 Good Teams is a pretty good … HSTR P2 How To. FO, Rebel, Bounty, Sith etc squads Only 45 characters below gear 7 (+16 chars locked). Guest Writer, Gaming-fans.com, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, SWGOH Characters. GSI Weekly – […] Comprehensive guide to the SWTOR GSI dailies introduced with the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion involving macrobinoculars and seeker droids. Cody can use the survivability, but will be low on the enemy’s kill order. There are several ways RNG can affect your Stand Alone run: The worst thing is when a saber Daze's Han after Chirrut cleanses or after his first attack after entering Stand Alone. Find the next event dates, history, tips & tricks, & rumors in EA's Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mobile game. What is the best team to put Wampa on? Sergeant deals good damage, but Echo has that covered. Just looking for a good bunch of girls and guys to … My old arena squad was Rex, Wampa, Han, Thrawn, and fast Nest. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I can't include the images in the package, because it will grow the package size. It may require you to send 10 teams. Just put him in any team that has space for him, he can solo it. AhnaldT101 Biscuit Weazel Bitcoin BitDynasty Black Mamba Bulldog1205 Clash DoE ColdLogic Gaming CubsFan Han Dark Omega DBofficial125 Dylarr's Twi'Lek Tactics Endall … Strategy: Send in a “burner” team to take out two of the sabers and leave one remaining. If you want to use your Wampa as a debuffer, Potency will be an important stat to stack up on. Goal: Clear the entire phase on auto! Thrawn lead dual tanks with DT and DN will beat this team, always. 186 talking about this. With rex it’s usually go down to 80% if he stuns thrawn. 2 of 20 19. I ALWAYS beat that team with Epz and i’m only 20-50 in arena, yup, bringing zaris back baby, gk lead zaris dn cls with 3 star sion or thrawn = no raid han, give it a try, fracture MT first. Gaming-fans.com has been a staple in the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes community since the beginning. This ability starts on cooldown. Fails: Only the 1st and 2nd fails against a team are counted, other fails are ignored. Standing at a height of three meters and with an average mass of 150 kilograms, the wampa was one of Hoth's top carnivorous predators. FLEET 4 capital ships, all 6* 11 x 7* ships Only 3 ships locked (TIE rieper, Kylo Ren's command shuttle and Anakin's Eta-2 Starfighther) Paypal would be optimal payment method. This is the official Facebook page for the YouTube channel AhnaldT101! Wampa - Wampas are fearsome, furred beasts native to the ice planet Hoth. Commander Luke Skywalker, Jedi Training Rey, Chewbacca, Thrawn, Yoda, and more. Wampa works well on HSTR p2. Absolutely. Everyone should score 2% by sending multiple teams. Once you have started the Seeker Droid and Macrobinocular quests, you can immediately start the GSI dailies available from terminals (usually just outside the spaceport) in Alderaan, Hoth, Makeb, and Tatooine. There are several teams can deal with 2% that may require Wampa or Hoda from TB. With Relic Amplifiers now in the game, Gaming-fans.com has you covered as we seek to continue to make the community smarter when it comes to how to get the most out of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. If anyone has a good hSTR p2 comp in mind without Sabine or other "premium" guys like visas/hyoda/.. you're welcome to post those aswell! He also sees an increase of 90 to both Armor Penetration and Resistance Penetration. The final stat increase is a 13.5% boost to Physical Accuracy. Sporting sharp fangs and large claws, these lumbering bipeds make short work of prey such as tauntauns. I have a top tier arena team and I avoid this comp like the plague. You probably have some players who have invested financially and others who haven’t spent a dime. ... That character is Beys Maldis. I just got Wampa to 7 stars and will be starting to gear him up. On the defensive side, Wampa gains a solid 19,746 Health increase. Makes plague extra annoying. Wampa receives a 2,706 Physical Damage increase and a 17.96% Physical Critical Chance increase, both very useful for an attacker. Despite their size, their white fur allows them to blend into the icy terrain and remain stealthy. Fearsome predator from Hoth that attacks constantly with increasing strength. Potency is really the ONLY stat that matters. CrouchingRancor.com's new platform With more small tools and helpers adding up, and more powerful ones in the work, a new platform became a necessity. But, I think they only need one each. Galactic War and Mid-Tier Arena, Which Characters First? Daze and high damage. Sabine and Wampa are good in P2. 186 talking about this. Wampa Variations (can beat in 1v5), can add anti-rebel to assist, but strong wampa can beat even medium-high phoenix in 1v5. The stat increases from Wampa’s Relic feel average to me. First Order Tie Pilot - A good example of a generic character from the Star Wars universe punching above his weight, the First Order Tie Pilot delivers huge damage. Then you have to be able to put out enough damage to take the clones out before he gets back up. Continuing the Relic Review series, this article will take a look at Wampa and his Relic, the Tauntaun Feast. Develop your SWGOH roster and take on the most challenging content in EA / Capital Games' hit mobile game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Long Standing SWGOH International Guild Since 2016 End 12/4/2018. Territory Battles, Which Characters First? So, if you don't have them, you have to send what you have to achieve 2%. Han Solo, Old Ben, Jyn/Cassian, Chirrut. NS+Wampa squad 85k Bastila Shan 5* G11 & Yoda 7* G10. Retry as many as possible until you get the good result. Once outside you will see rampid Wampas, along with some Tauntauns running around. Wampa can be mitigated easily with Stun and Daze so Tenacity would be nice to see. Everyone should score 2% by sending multiple teams. Could use some PvP counseling? If you don't have Wampa or Hoda, there are still ways. Making full use out of the Wampa zeta that @WarriorPresent invested for me from @MobileGamer365 collab vid we did awhile ago Promised you I’d max him out! 1 year ago. Tactics Phase 1 Send JTR only.

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