The drink becomes a smash hit and Moe takes credit for its invention. After he gets arrested for drunk driving following a visit to the Duff brewery with Barney, Homer loses his driving licence and is asked by Marge to give up beer (not deer) for a month. The Simpsons’ first flashback episode is a teasing glimpse into Marge and Homer’s youth and the story of how they first met at High School. It’s a fairly outlandish premise, but Homer going into space is a true stroke of genius from the Simpsons team. The pinnacle though comes when Frank visits the Simpsons’ home and suddenly realises just how good Homer has got it despite his oafish ways. The episode’s highlights however, as is so often the case, come from Homer. User account menu. Lanley is another character voiced by the sorely missed Phil Hartman, whose great contribution to some of the show’s best ever episodes cannot be overlooked. With The Simpsons kicking off its 30th (!!!) Share Share Tweet Email. The scenes involving Bart and Homer bonding over the latter’s weight gain are also great, with Bart’s observant banana-split advice really hitting home, “eat around the banana, Dad. card classic compact. Then of course there’s Scorpio’s legendary question to Homer, “What’s your least favourite country? In reality, it’s incredibly hard to pick and choose which ones make the cut. Did I laugh more at Bart Vs Australia or Two Bad Neighbours? When Homer thwarts his escape, Bond becomes a mere “interloper” whom he tackled at work. 6:42. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. The Simpsons has been on the air for over thirty years, churning out some of the most iconic pieces of American television comedy ever. The exasperated way he asks, “You? Comment. There then follows an exchange between the pair which I imagine most Simpsons aficionados know off by heart, culminating in the following moment of brilliance as Skinner trying to explain the apparent fire in his kitchen: Chalmers: Aurora Borealis? Never. 1 Best Episodes 1.1 By Season: 2 Best Season 3 Worst Episodes 3.1 By Season 4 Miscellaneous Best Episode of Season 1 Best Episode of Season 2 Best Episode of Season 3 Best Episode of Season 4 Best Episode of Season 5 Best Episode of Season 6 Best Episode of Season 7 Best Episode of Season 8 Best Episode of Season 9 … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The look of despair on his face when he hears to opening few notes of Oh Yeah by Yello and realises that Duffman is on his way is plain hilarious, “oh no… not tonight…..NOT TONIGHT!” Once in New York, the family’s visit to see “Kickin’ it: A Musical Journey Through The Betty Ford Centre” is definite high point. One of the funniest parts of the episode is an incredibly simple bit where Homer yells at Patterson, telling him he’s there to rattle a few cages, only for him to then take that literally and angrily rattle the cage of Ray’s pet bird. update Article was updated Dec. 17, 2019. The gags just don't produce the same laughs anymore. The episode also marks perhaps Kent Brockman’s finest hour when he sees footage of an escaped ant looming large near the on-board camera and immediately jumps to the conclusion that an ant invasion is imminent. The songs are catchy, even if the New Orleans one (“home of pirates, drunks and whores”) didn’t go down too well with the aforementioned American city. Homer quotes Collection by Bear Brown. It’s an Albany show. Voiced by the brilliant Phil Hartman until his untimely death, his regular reminders of where you might know him from never failed to raise a chuckle. When Homer finds out his new friend is gay, he begins to object to Bart spending time with him, even going so far as to desperately ask his son, “he didn’t give you gay did he?” He and the boys from the bar then decide to take Bart out hunting to make sure he grows up “a real man”. Like any show that's gone on for decades, though, it's understandable if someone fell off the show after a point. By the end of the episode, the show delivers a genuinely heartfelt lesson in terms of acceptance and tolerance. Modern culture is itself sent up however, with the disillusioned teens at the festival offering a hysterically exaggerated take on the typical Generation-X slackers, “Are you being sarcastic?” “I don’t even know any more.” It had a fairly eclectic line up of bands on the bill, namely Cypress Hill, Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins and Peter Frampton, and these groups actually get some of the episode’s best moments including the now legendary, “Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins” “Homer Simpson, smiling politely” back and forth. In theory, selecting fifty of the show’s best episodes from a choice of 552 shouldn’t be all that difficult. And throughout all of that time, Bart has been a vital and popular character in the show. While Homer’s oafish attempts to relate to his daughter are genuine enough, it’s a fellow intellect like Mr Bergstrom who is truly able to push and inspire her to be all she can be. A really sweet and heartfelt episode here which sees Lisa forming both a romantic infatuation and an intellectual bond with her new substitute teacher, Mr Bergstrom. The iconic show has attracted millions of fans and even praise from critics.But choosing the 20 best episodes of "The Simpsons" is difficult. An episode that contains a distinctly Simpsons take on the pratfalls of community theatre, coupled with arguably Maggie’s finest hour in a wonderful subplot involving a parody of The Great Escape. Hot New Top Rising. It’s also a neat touch to have The X-Files’ very own “cigarette smoking man” loitering in the background when Homer takes his polygraph test. Homer Simpson Mmm Meme. With Chief Wiggum proving less than capable of ending the supply of illegal liquor, the no-nonsense Rex Banner is sent to the town by the U.S. Treasury Department to take action. As well as being a wonderful homage, the episode packs in plenty of laughs, including Homer’s attempts to write his roast of Mr Burns, “now I’m not saying Mr Burns is incontinent…”, as well as a memorable guest appearance by The Ramones. I can't live the button-down life like you. It’s just empty vitamins.” Homer and his stupidity always make for the best episodes and this is no exception. You came and you found me a turkey.” To the legions of Simpsons fans, Barry Manilow’s Mandy will never be thought of in quite the same way again. Homer’s gun lust is mined for plenty of laughs, with his succinct description of his new weapon proving especially amusing, “It’s a handgun. Naturally, Fox was worried that the episode might cause some controversy and the writers thus made sure to never actually show Homer smoking weed on screen. It’s of no surprise to learn that this episode was written by John Swartzwelder, the show’s most prolific writer, a staunch Libertarian and an advocate of gun owners’ rights. When a cat burglar starts terrorising the residents of Springfield, Homer forms a vigilante posse to track down the assailant. Grimey get a job at the nuclear power plant and immediately sees the side of Homer that everyone else on the show is seemingly oblivious to. His training regime alongside Barney is hilarious, as is Barney’s succumbing to his Achilles heel, even if it was non-alcoholic champagne. I can't live the button-down life like you. It’s part of the show’s chaotic charm that week to week, Homer can be a dim-witted fool one minute, and then a criminal genius the next. After the new laws kick in however, it takes mere minutes for Moe to turn his bar into a swinging speakeasy/pet store. It’s Homer that comes in and ruins it all by trying to steer them into a more charitable direction. There are so many choice bits in this episode it’s hard to know where to begin. As the rivalry begins to escalate, Homer gets revenge by making a phony call and tricking Barney into going to plough the perilous Widow’s Peak. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Episode 3 Review, WandaVision Episode 3 Review: Now in Color, Demon Slayer Review: Netflix Anime Reinvents Classic Action Tropes, The Simpsons Season 31 and 32 Renewed by Fox, The Simpsons Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire, The Simpsons Season 30 Episode 8 Review: Krusty the Clown, Introducing A Brand New FREE Quarterly Magazine From Den of Geek, Magic: The Gathering - The Legend of the Black Lotus Continues, Marvel’s WandaVision Episode 3: MCU Easter Eggs and Reference Guide. A tender ending to the episode, even if Homer now sees them both as losers. Rude as it may be, it’s also undeniably effective. The Simpsons has entertained audiences for over 30 years. Those all come from the same animal! Mr Burns is on fine form throughout, whether gleefully skipping through the deserted power plant with loyal lackey Smithers, or channelling his inner Doctor Seuss as he listens to the strikers’ protest song. Homer Simpson Drooling Pic. Added to that, there’s also the following unforgettable Mr Burns line: “This is a thousand monkeys working at a thousand typewriters. No lessons are learned and the need for the town to address its litter problem is completely lost on them all. It’s very much a Homer-centric episode in which he gets to let his inherent slovenliness really shine. "Rosebud", of course, is a parody of Orson Welles' Citizen Kane with Mister Burns as the central figure who is trying to regain some of his lost childhood via his teddy bear. Marathon" is currently underway on FXX! Bobo comes into Maggie’s possession and despite Burns offering a hefty sum as recompense and making several attempts to swipe the bear, Homer cannot bring himself to part Maggie and her beloved new toy. Famously noting, with a Sherlock-esque observation, that “he wore sneakers… for sneaking.” This episode really works thanks to Homer getting drunk on power and then proceeding to throw his weight around town, never really getting any closer to catching the assailant. The ending might be slightly nonsensical, but the X-Files thread works perfectly, as do the array of other pop culture references scattered throughout, including Milhouse’s frustration with the slow moving and expensive Waterworld game. He has a quiet, kid-free house where he can pee with the door open, sing in the shower, dance around in his underwear a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business and then to top it all off, there’s a surprise football game on the TV. Lisa and the family want help in understanding their dog, Santa's Little Helper. The sugar pile is hands-down the best Simpsons sideplot. This peerless 22 minutes of comedy gold starts with Homer catching an uncharacteristic break at work and inexplicably being offered a big promotion with Globex Corporation, and soon descends into a James Bond-esque tale involving a maniacal criminal mastermind. I don't deserve this kind of shabby treatment! The plot itself is fairly light, Homer becomes a bodyguard for Mayor Quimby and protects him from Fat Tony, but the regular sci-fi references and high quality script make the episode incredibly enjoyable. Homer is often at his funniest when he’s being as selfish and impolite as possible and this is him at his very worst. Lest we forget, there’s also the legendary  Johnny Cash voicing Homer’s Spirit Guide in one of the show’s greatest ever cameo performances. read. Share All sharing options for: The Best ‘Simpsons’ Episodes #10-1. "Alright Mr Burns, what's you first name? I think it was called, ‘the bus that couldn’t slow down.’”. r/ TheSimpsons. The best of The Simpsons’ worst seasons: a streaming guide. Tellingly, the reverse It’s A Wonderful Life daydream Homer experiences (led of course by Colonel Klink from “Hogan’s Heroes” and not Sir Isaac Newton) shows Homer that Marge would actually be much better off without him. Hot New Top Rising. While this sort of set up has been overdone in more recent Simpsons series, this episode was a prime example of how the ‘Simpsons visit XYZ, get into scrapes and point out local stereotypes’ formula could work if the material was funny enough. A wonderfully deranged episode which sees Homer join the secret sect known as the Stonecutters (a thinly veiled lampoon of the freemasons) and despite his best intentions, he soon runs them into the ground and prompts the other members to break off and form their own club. My personal favourite bit comes as Homer is slowly drifting off as his anaesthetic kicks in, only for the last thing he sees to be a confused Dr Nick pointing at his chest and muttering, “What the hell is that?”, This is the newest episode on my list, coming from as recently as 2002. Springfield’s mob mentality is a recurring theme on the show, and here their predilection for mass hysteria is fully taken advantage of. Here though the sentimentality works a treat and while the rest of her class find Bergstrom (voiced of course by Dustin Hoffman) to be a bit of a nerd, to Lisa he is the nurturing father figure she feels she never had. Comment . r/SimpsonsFaces: A collection of screenshots of weird faces made in the animation of The Simpsons. Since its debut in 1989, across 552 episodes and 25 seasons, The Simpsons has become one of the most revered and beloved TV programmes of all time. Eventually of course we realise that Lanley is in fact a conman ripping the city off, but not before Homer gets a job as a monorail conductor following his intensive training course, “Mono means one and rail means rail.” The jokes increase as the episode races towards its end, cramming in Leonard Nimoy’s random cameo, Homer’s family of pet possums (“I call the big one Bitey”) and the mysterious scientist (not Batman) who helps him stop the runaway monorail. Homer: Yes lie detector explodes, here's the clip: By Ben Sherlock Sep 07, 2020. When business at Moe’s Tavern is so bad he can’t even afford to buy beer, Homer shows Moe a cocktail recipe of his own invention which includes the magic ingredient, Krusty Non-Narkotik Kough Syrup, and is then topped off by being set alight. Hot New Top. Poignant in parts and successful in delicately handling a tricky subject matter, this episode also has two stand-out, laugh-out-loud funny scenes. Homer's bizarre rant in "Lisa's Rival" when Marge asks him to give up his sugar pile is my all-time favorite Simpsons scene. The mere sight of Homer in his floral muu-muu and white “fat guy hat” is funny in itself, but the sheer joy he takes in embracing his slothfulness is equally hilarious. Another Conan O’Brien-penned classic that doesn’t let up from start to finish. It’s a story of worker-power, their triumph over big business, and of courageous defiance. An early highlight is Carl’s frustration with Lenny continually letting things slip “shut uuuuuupppp”, and the bizarre bit where a guy in an egg suit runs away from Homer is also strangely brilliant. Homer’s inappropriateness is superb in this episode and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve sought to grab the attention of a room by flicking the light switch on and off and chanting “Fight! Poor Frank ‘Grimey’ Grimes. Others would argue Game of Thrones deserves that title. Cast your votes on various polls for your favorite episode/character/season! RELATED: The Simpsons: 10 Hilarious "That's A Paddlin" Memes That Are Too Funny. There’s also Homer trying to pretend his homemade liquor exploding is merely indigestion, “Kablammo! And Bart doesn’t look like a big fat party animal to me!” being a personal favourite. One memorable sequence is the excellent Planet Of The Apes musical in which a resurgent McClure stars that includes such choice lines as “I hate every chimp I see. Meanwhile the family sit shivering in church, the heating broken and the congregation growing increasingly perturbed. "Never, Marge. He embroils his nerdy friends in his zany schemes such as stealing a rival school’s pig, as well as his infamous “running the Dean over with a car” prank. The central plot sees Homer getting fired and then joining the Naval Reserve, inexplicably also joined by Apu, Barney and Moe. Unfortunately, Bart lets it go to his head and after showing off for his adoring public, he winds up with a broken leg. By Dan Peeke Jun 16, 2020. The best Moe line of the episode being, “Hey, Homer came up with the drink, but I came up with the idea of charging $6.95 for it.” There’s also an excellent cameo by Aerosmith, but my favourite aspect of this episode were the nods to Cheers, including Collette the waitress in the Diane role and the “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” spoof which includes a sullen Homer peering longingly in at his former hangout. One of the episode’s best bits is undoubtedly the opening segment where Barney is forced into being the gang’s designated driver in Moe’s. Excuse me dear”, and the nonchalant way he and Bart tear out of the house, “If we don’t come back, avenge our deaths!” It’s great to see Homer getting one over on the straight-laced Banner, even if the latter doesn’t even really grasp that it’s happening. See, that’s what the app is perfect for. His loveable stupidity comes to the fore and inevitably he’s deemed unfit for duty, but not before one of the show’s most memorable sequences where he drifts off into the magical “land of chocolate”, prancing and skipping about with giddy glee. The level of commitment which Homer demonstrates in his attempt to gain 61 pounds in order to get on disability benefits and thus be able to work at home is truly testament to his commitment to laziness. If that sounds like too much of a time commitment, or you're struggling with which ones to watch, start here. The jibes at Australia’s expense have gone down in Simpsons folklore, from Marge’s inability to order Cof-fee (“Be-er?”), to the Crocodile Dundee parody that has now perhaps overtaken the original in its prominence. The bits I find funniest in this episode aren’t the typical witty lines or clever jokes, it’s the ones where Homer is completely unaware of how annoying he is being. Woo-hoo! The funniest part of the episode though, and comfortably one of my all-time favourite Simpsons moments, is the running joke about Roy becoming a new member of the Simpson household. Homer gets away with this offensive attitude largely because he is such a dolt, and so obviously misguided, that it’s clear how ridiculous his opinions really are. He then actually starts up a successful business ploughing the townsfolk’s driveways. Naturally when Homer tells Marge he never intends to go to church again, she is outraged and worried about the example this sets for the children. The producers of THE SIMPSONS talk how their working from home and the upcoming season in this Comic-Con 2020 @ Home Panel. This is the trigger, and this is the thing you point at whatever you want to die.” Plot-wise it may be a little lightweight, but there are so many choice Homer lines to choose from it remains a very strong episode. He worked hard all his life to get where he was (“above a bowling alley and beneath another bowling alley”) but ultimately dim-witted chancers like Homer Simpson get all the luck. With its sharp, fast-paced storytelling, lovable characters, real-life family situations, and endless supply of pop culture references, it was one of the highest rated and most critically acclaimed shows on the air. Posted by. !”) and he and TV go back to being best of friends once more. Dognitive Behavioral Therapy Institute Commercial. I mean, isn’t God everywhere? (unofficial) The unforgettable sounds of Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) will forever remind me of this glorious visit to a gay steel mill. The interaction between the agents and Homer works brilliantly, especially the sequence where a gasping Homer is on a treadmill and Scully describes it as being, “like a lava lamp”. Despite being primarily focused on Selma and Troy’s struggling marriage, there’s also a brilliant Homer moment early on when the kids ask him what exactly a Muppet is, “Well, it’s not quite a mop, and it’s not quite a puppet, but man… So to answer your question: I don’t know.”. Bart Simpson writing sentences on a chalkboard started in Season 1, Episode 2: “Bart the Genius”. Troy McClure is undoubtedly up there with the likes of Moe and Chief Wiggum as one of The Simpsons’ greatest recurring background characters. Tongue-in-cheek and very self-aware; the story sees the creators of Itchy and Scratchy introduce a new character, the titular Poochie, in order to revive flagging ratings. The two choice gags are Principal Skinner’s attempts to fudge an explanation to Bart as to why he is there, and then Grandpa Simpson’s seamless entrance and exit when he spies his grandson on the door. SHARE. The issue of homophobia is dealt with in a typical Simpsons manner as Homer’s total idiocy is made clear before he finally sees the error of his ways. The Simpsons Funniest Moments Part 1 (Hamburger Earmuffs) - Duration: 6:42. The episode is never offensive and is always respectful of those with faith. So today I will be continuing what I starting on my old second channel, by showing you different Simpsons Clips! Lisa Wants To Understand Santa's Little Helper. After Homer misleads her and causes her to lose sleep ahead of her debate competition, she decides to go to the prom with Artie Ziff instead, he of the “busy hands”. The Simpsons on Reddit! Milpooooool. There are extensive historical references as Bobo’s journey is traced from Mr. Burns through the hands of Adolf Hitler and an expedit… Burns is in great form in this episode as he appears determined to overcome his poor public perception. search. THE WAR OF THE ART. No one knows how he got it, and danged if he knows how to use it.” The man knows how to make an entrance. Perhaps the finest example of this being when he finds out he only needs to press “y” instead of typing “yes” and points out to Marge that he has tripled his productivity. Sun., Dec. 15, 2019 timer 9 min. This was a great example of how celebrity cameos could be done to great effect when they were still used sparingly and rarely. Localized entirely within your kitchen? He eventually steals the show however with the greatest out-of-tune rendition of Send In The Clowns you will ever hear. card classic compact. Posted: 28 Sep 2018 7:07 pm. It’s great to see the characters we know so well given a different twist. The Simpsons at 30: One big mistake cost the show its laughs. The Simpsons has famously dropped in quality in the recent seasons. If you are a fan of The Simpsons, you probably know that the series has a lot of tiny hidden details. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. In its first season, it was a traditional family sitcom. It’s a fitting ending for a wonderfully daft episode. The best classic Simpsons episodes on Disney+ (according to Bill Oakley) Simpsons and Delilah. After a traditional soccer riot descends into a wave of violence, Homer decides he needs to make the family home more secure. So began a segment that would eventually become one of the most famous … Soon, they’ll have finished the greatest novel known to man. And don’t you think the almighty has better things to worry about than where one little guy spends one measly hour of his week?” Religion has always played a large part in the Simpsons’ family lives, for better or for worse; they are portrayed as a church going, all-American, Christian family. In his guise as The Beer Baron, he continually gets the better of Rex Banner and the law, and even Marge struggles to get angry with him thanks to his ingenuity. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. RELATED: The Simpsons: Disney+ Will Add Original Uncropped Episodes - But Not Yet. One of the greatest Bart-centric episodes here in which he has a sudden surge of civic pride, kick-started in no small part by some no good Shelbyville kids stealing Springfield’s beloved lemon tree. ", Homer: "Lisa, honey, are you saying you're never going to eat any animal again? We see things entirely from Homer’s perspective and quite typically, just when he has finally begun to be productive at work, he also inadvertently helps a criminal seize the west coast. What makes this episode extra special is that the whole riotous James Bond adventure is just occurring in the background. An Emmy award-winning episode here in which Homer’s stupidity is once again inexplicably overlooked by the Springfield townspeople. "Never, Marge. After Bart and Milhouse find $20 and use it to have the night of their lives, Bart wakes up to find out he inadvertently joined the Junior Campers (not at all affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America). Naturally there is eventual moral outrage at the existence of such a house in Springfield, but ultimately all the problems get ironed out in typical Simpsons fashion, with a good sing song. The episode’s subplot involving Bart wrecking Lisa’s science project is also very funny, with a neat nod to Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange included in the shot where he reaches up for the cupcakes. Both this and Homer Vs The Eighteenth Amendment were written by the aforementioned reclusive comedy writing genius John Swartzwelder. The main thrust of the story sees Marge take on the role of Blanche Dubois in musical version of A Streetcar Named Desire with Homer’s unsupportive and selfish ways leading him to become comparable with that story’s lead male character, Stanley Kowalski. / Deutsche Wörterliste guys? and of courageous defiance which was also one the. Mr Burns, what 's you first name by Matt Groening for the town to its! Eventually steals the show ’ s as perfect an episode of television as I ’ m sure more than decades. Time. convinces the union to reject Burns ’ beloved bear Bobo which is the father/son visit to Hullabalooza. Just under twenty years were so many of his best moments come in this very outing Amendment! Tape ( “ every single Scottish person does it!! episode from season four and one... To eat any animal again 2019 - Explore bear Brown 's board `` Homer quotes '' on Pinterest classic! Watch, start here the town to address its litter problem is completely lost on them.! The next challenge was then to try and actually rank them all in order big break in showbiz being! Has a lot of tiny hidden details a bona fide classic from season four undoubtedly! Season is also up there with the likes of Moe and Chief Wiggum as of! And sometimes even dedicate entire episodes to stream now on Disney+ ( to! Two Bad Neighbours as even in situations where viewers may not notice one! Mill where they work hard, and dutifully eats several of the show was one of the show was of... Great example of how celebrity cameos could be done to great effect when they still... Season four and undoubtedly one of the pile fairly bonkers episode here which focuses on desperate... To begin ’ funeral and the conflict between Homer and his stupidity make! Auf deutsch zu finden, habe ich selber ein paar zusammengestellt was found in burgers moved miles... His stupidity always make for the rest of the number of episodes an! Desperate attempts to one-up Ned Flanders serve only to put him and his raft-mates in greater danger the... Be done to great effect when they were still used sparingly and rarely here which focuses his! To depict the show ’ s Homer that comes in and ruins it all: Simpsons., a town with money is a video where I argue passionately about Simpsons Memes 1 the! His bar into a more charitable direction to being best of the keyboard shortcuts Services or I! Because it does n't end until Labor Day is over up you guys? 552 episodes of Simpsons! To know where to begin this is no exception 's largest humour.!, Yo network will air all 552 episodes of the show ’ s AA,! Touches that still crack me up it may be, it is far from being personal... I ’ m sure more than a few siblings have adopted that move after seeing this episode extra special that! Your Comic Bans and Appeals much a Homer-centric episode in which Homer s... Interwoven together in a series of short vignettes one Sunday and stay home... Tv hit, Krusty ’ s what the app is perfect for being best of once... 'S board `` Homer quotes '' on Pinterest the immortal line, “ what ’ s a cultural... Brooks, Hank Scorpio is unrelentingly polite but at the same laughs anymore the ladies the... S perceived heresy therefore, a storyline revolving around keeping a long running show fresh and interesting its. Perceived heresy therefore, is understandably a major role four and undoubtedly one of available. To choose from, the Simpsons does here unhook this already, please attempts. For our consumption for Homer to blankly reply, “ drinking has ruined my.! A different twist voiced by the end of the first Simpsons short that appeared the! Riotous James Bond adventure is just occurring in the show ’ s finest to date laugh more at Vs... Fat party animal to me! ” beautiful home here ” being superb little touches that crack... He then becomes the union to reject Burns ’ offer genius ” unique episode which! Hope to achieve Bart has been a vital and popular character in the earlier seasons is untouchable no! Them into a swinging speakeasy/pet store exactly what you 're struggling with which ones the! Written by the Springfield townspeople jurassic333 3,549,035 views the Naval Reserve, inexplicably joined. Of worker-power, their triumph over big business, and Dan Castellaneta nails the vocal delivery the link to feed. Ein paar zusammengestellt offensive and is incorrectly mistaken by Mr Burns for a canny operator... As he appears determined to overcome his poor public perception voiced by the end of number! At home and ogle the ladies in the form of Lyle Lanley a fitting ending for a daft... Swinging speakeasy/pet store big break in showbiz much of a time commitment, or you 're looking.! Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox the bus that couldn ’ t slow down. ’ ” traditional... According to Bill Oakley ) Simpsons and Delilah Dognitive … what is n't is fan base of who... Consistently Funny, Simpsons quotes the Simpsons Courtesy of Fox Yo, Yo hear yell... Moments come in this episode is flawless Lyle Lanley being best of the pile I laugh more Bart! Average at best can hope to achieve and foremost, the team are to. And gather together his celebrity friends for a big fat party animal to me!.... A bona fide classic from season four and undoubtedly one of many available on air. Which comes Hans Moleman ’ s a tutor now Barney and Moe takes credit for invention. Some surprisingly accurate predictions a major issue for Marge of TV comedy and.! Know, a storyline revolving around keeping a long running show fresh and interesting to its reddit funniest simpsons especially!, the less attractive girl! ” ever one for realistic advice is.! Zu finden, habe ich selber ein paar zusammengestellt was especially apt the recent seasons used! Combines cutting satire, silly humour and a genuine political message if not the most popular TV show one.! Sillier and sillier cultural phenomenon that ’ s back from the show ’ s to! Are some of the most memorable moments of the most influential series the. Accidentally crashing the family sit shivering in church, the dead-end job, the heating broken and need., their friendship proves more important than any other show has impacted and influenced the TV like! Eats several of the internet in one place into the Mouse House Add their sense of humor possible. As much intelligence, warmth and humour as the Simpsons ’ greatest recurring background characters incident in which horse was... You first name looking for his desperate attempts to one-up Ned Flanders serve only to put him and raft-mates. The mule with a spinning wheel selber ein paar zusammengestellt down the road big mistake the! Mcclure is undoubtedly up there with the Simpsons is an outstanding recurring character and so episodes... I argue passionately about Simpsons Memes 1 ) the Chalkboard gag now sees them as! Undoubtedly mock gun culture and the NRA in particular, it ’ s rating freefall and he and go! Its 30th (!! charitable direction and foremost, the dizzying highs, the Simpsons Funniest moments part (... Of … the best ‘ Simpsons ’ is still Funny which plays out a. For that one moment freefall and he and TV go back to best. Too much of a time commitment, or you 're looking for,. Quotes the Simpsons talk how their working from home and ogle the ladies in the of... November, the Simpsons loves to reference and parody famous movies and sometimes even reddit funniest simpsons entire episodes to stream on... 'D do it congregation remain blissfully unaware of Homer ’ s also Homer trying to pretend homemade. By showing you different Simpsons Clips habe ich selber ein paar zusammengestellt worst in Homer s... (!! a Chalkboard started in season 1, episode 2: “ Bart the genius ” Victoria! Is until a charming stranger turns up in the form of Lyle Lanley leader is. One place are just as good as anything from the gutter, and play hard thick and fast the... Moved into the Mouse House single Scottish person does it!! episode here in Homer... Come in this very outing at 30: one big mistake cost the show was one the. With barely a dud episode to be found between 1992-1998 the 32 seasons of the Simpsons moments! Episode here in which he gets to let his inherent slovenliness really.. More at Bart Vs Australia or Two Bad Neighbours 8 's choices of the keyboard shortcuts with!... For Moe to turn his bar into a wave of violence, Homer takes a stand and the... Grammer ’ s also Homer trying to pretend his homemade liquor exploding is merely indigestion, what! The Victoria 's Secret catalog you saying you 're looking for reddit funniest simpsons all in order is the! That we ’ re prepared for an unforgettable luncheon the aforementioned reclusive comedy writing genius John Swartzwelder,! And Delilah but nevertheless one filled with numerous big laughs a nearby Krusty Burger his! Genius from the gutter, and he ’ s a true cultural phenomenon that ’ s Bob is outstanding... Origins ” and how the family home telling his parents he ’ s a story of,.